Day 66 – cooking fever

So many tests today, maybe because of the double hanger? The number 6 does look like a hanger no?

First lunch in a restaurant whose salads were not even raw. Wait I should take it back, the “hor deuvre” salad was raw, but it was a business lunch and I did not want to create any energetic strain. When you become sensitive to energy you realize that even the way you move your hand affects energy in the room. Many people are simply unaware of such subtlety and thus we live in a world where energetic infringements happen all the time. That is a whole other subject and you can google David Deida or Ken Wilber for more in depth exploration of that philosophical truth.

When you become aware of energy, you realize that you can accommodate and support that energy. Now if this was my first week on the Raw Challenge, then by all means, energetically I need to stay with my challenge, and must explain that to my lunch members, and would have made a note on the subject when lunch was scheduled. As it stands it is day 66, I have only eaten cooked food twice, both for passover dinners, where again, the occasion deemed it energetically to amend my challenge. Today was one of those days. I had some noodle at lunch. I survived.

I am about to do my P90X, finding these last weeks of the challenge truly challenging. This seems to be harder than the beginning. Then again I was not nearly as busy then. Thank you universe, God and all of you for helping shift energy toward a positive wind in my direction.

This was a breakfast creation of nuts, apple mix and something else. I share it here because it was created and you might like it. A different client liked it. I did not fancy the taste, but then again, I am weird when it comes to creamy like food.

Hopefully the chef will post the recipe for you all.


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