Day 64 – plateau

I guess we all must hit them. Places in the work out where we feel that not only are we not going forward any more, we might even be loosing ground. Well, today is one of those days for me. Ever since yesterday in fact, I have noticed that I feel heavier, my legs tighter and bulkier, and my size is at least 6lbs over what I was carrying only a week ago. And in fact, when I climbed on the scale, I was at 169lbs, which is still below 170lbs, but 6 lbs above where I was mid challenge, on day 45.

I guess one just has to deal with such things. Not like I have changed anything. Still eating Raw, maybe too much sweet raw treats, but that is the nice thing about Raw food, eat your heart out.

Still doing yoga, sometimes even two yoga practices on top of the P90X program.

Maybe it is a plateau, and I will step off of it feeling lighter, leaner, stronger, there is hope.

Check out this incredible breakfast I had today (maybe this is why I am heavier) – Raw Pancakes with bananas and strawberries, with agave nectar as sweetener.
This was yummy!!!!


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