Day 63 – second passover

oh my god, eating in the holidays is crazy. Especially if you are on a program, because then you must modify, modify, modify. I don’t mind, it is part of metta, part of sharing and creating connections. If someone cooks fr you, you eat it, unless you really can not for health reason.

Easter came and went. Surprising how little people know about the origin of the word ‘Easter.’ Comes from the name, ‘Eostra’ for the spring goddess across the north European countries. In her honor egg hunts would be held, rabbit stews cooked, and her symbols were the Egg and the Rabbit, two symbols of fertility and rebirth. When the Christians were trying to baptize any person they could they adopted local festivities and integrated them into Christianity.

I did manage to pick up my slack of the last few days and completed P90X for legs and back, and followed my ashtanga practice all the way through the fist quarter of second series, so that was another element trying to accomplish kenpoX before the week closes.

I have so many amazing raw snacks to eat for the week. Hopefully the chef will jump on line and include the recipes. I will have to add a picture later as the camera is down right now. Only video, which takes forever to edit and upload.


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