Day 61 – last leg

Have you ever found yourself, in a program, and before the end you feel like you have completed it. As if you are done in your heart, though your body and reality still have to go through the action? Think back to the last part of your senior semester in high school or college, or the last leg of your duty tour.

This is where I am finding myself these days. With 30 days to go, 60 days behind me, my body feels great, I have lost more size than weight however, with my upper body 20% less muscle bulk than before. My legs have reduced in size as well, but not nearly to the degree as the arms. For the Yogis out there, who are big muscle like myself, I have increase more range of motion through my joints through juice fasting than these last two programs, even though I have lost about 3 more lbs than with juice fasting. We will see if it stays off though, and for how long.

When you are muscular and can easily put on or take off weight, staying in the low weight size is actually challenging. The hope was to reset my body’s metabolism and keep that rhythm going throughout the next few years. The issue is more with the deep connective fascia layers in the hip socket and discovering what is the proper nutrition to make those tissues moist and full of lubrication is a discovery yet to happen.

i am creating muscle confusion this weekend, taking today as Yoga day/rest day and doing legs tomorrow with kenpoX on Sunday. Just for this week. I have been working way over time.

At least the raw food is right there to support me. With a delicious shake created with almonds, blueberries, spinach other greens, dates, oils and powder, it held me through my classes and clients. Some raw tacos and topped off with raw salad, burger and ice cream.

Happy Friday everyone.


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