Day 57 – passover

It is much easier being secular in Israel and yet feel utterly Jewish. On every holiday you can feel the spirit in the air, schools are closed, work is shortened or off, public offices are closed, like in every other country around their chosen religious expression. The schools in the US observe all 3 major western religion holidays as best they can, but public domain does not. Not really. Not a political thing, just a fact thing. The post office is closed for Easter but not Passover. I even love rabbits, they run around the dessert especially in the spring.

Spring celebration brings us to our physical manifestation, the P90X chest and back. I forgot how challenging this sequence is, so challenging. push up, pulls ups, weights and then do it all over again.

ApRip did not get squeezed in, so busy, between work, family and making passover dinner, and lets not forget eating it, it has been another long an productive day.

Where I had raw lunch at whole foods, I had to eat matza and soup, no in lieu of holiday spirit, and the power of determination, I allowed myself to have a little un-raw foods. Just for the Passover dinner.


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