Day 56 – talent

It does take talent to go through each and every day in this world. Don’t take that for granted. In this month of high holidays, the holiday of Passover and the Celebration of Spring through honoring Eostra, with her rabbit and egg as symbols of rebirth and playfulness. Somewhere in time Jesus found himself stapled to the rabbit and the egg, something I doubt he would approve of had he been alive. After all, he celebrated passover in his last meal, and there was no rabbit in that feast, though there was an egg.

We might return to Easter and the relationship between Eostra and Jesus next week, and as passover dinner is not till tomorrow, we will keep it at the talent level. Remember it is a talent just remembering, preparing and celebrating any holiday. So we see if you are inspired to express your talent.

Yoga feeds both body and mind, through keeping the spirit happy. Or so I must believe on days like today, with Yin Yoga, Thai Massage and a few hours with my son. I did get some Whole Foods salad bar around 6pm, but till that point all I had was water.

With a day off P90X, and rather than post another picture of my buckwheat cereal as evening snack, I wish you a talented evening and a great start to my favorite holiday.


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