Day 54 – yin yoga

If we define balance as the point in the center, the one consciousness, the one energy, the one word, the one God, then balance is not therapy, though therapy might happen when we are balanced. Balance is spirituality. Balance is artistic revelation. Where balance is the center point that can not be described, that can be written about in metaphors, in poems, in plays, in scriptures. Balance implies that there are two things. Sun – Moon. Yin – Yang. Two things, that really describe the one thing.

And thus I shared the opening of this Yin Yoga training. We will see where it will take us, as sharing and illuminating the subtleties of practice are always interesting explorations. For this evening, with Yoga acting as the X factor for the day, and whole foods providing the raw ingredients for the belly, I did manage to be inspired in the morning with some delicious buckwheat cereal composites that were made during the night before.

Enjoy the picture –


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