Day 53 – break away

“take out the cup cakes” says the man on the screen, as I am jumping, kicking, and punching. At least I made it. Talk about motivation, or perhaps addiction? Probably both, one fuels the other, regardless of what is at the end of the stick. None the less, a challenge, is a challenge, and writing and P90X while Raw styling it means that I had to complete my session.

Too bad for the Raw fish, hot sake, a bubbling beer that went into my belly. Once a week, to break away for a moment, is fresh, imperative, demanded even. Its when we break away on every day, well at that point we are back to where we started tonight. In addiction. Pursuing something everyday. Hey, lets be honest, even life itself is addicting. After all none of us really wants the other dimension, at least not yet. So get addicted on what will get you through, make you smile, make you feel good.

Exercise, eat well, “take care of your body and it will take care of you!” to quote from the man on the screen yet again. So Kenpo was fun. Tough in my state, in this late time of day, but now, I can shower and shifts gears.

I ate some Raw pancakes for brunch, which blow me away every time, why would I need to go back to cooked food now? Raw fish and Edamame. I will not venture into the land of raw meat though. Yet as I write, a voice says, never say never, carpaccio is ever so nice. Who knows. If I do, I will be sure to post a picture. Come to think of it, I should post a picture of my happy hour adventure. If only I had taken some pictures.

The weekend of Passover is upon us, while it is my favorite holiday, my prayers are also with dear, close friends and family who are either alone, in physical pain, or ready to take that final break away. Its only a break away though. A universal part returns to itself, while an individual part flowers in the hearts of so many family members, friends along the way, co workers, social group members, fellow shoppers, and city folks. Lead with the heart and the strength in God, as the Moses found in leading the Israelites out of Egypt and to Canaan. That is the true power of Love. The power of God.


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