Day 52 – eat your heart out

Because you can. When you eat Raw and work out with Tony Horton, you can east more than you think you can. Maybe I am writing this because my day was so long, and I ate so little. You might think this crazy, but I was so busy, that I forgot to take any snacks with me, even my water bottle disappeared from the back seat. At days like today I think to myself, Raw Chocolate Macaroons should be sold in Circle K, like Ferrero Roche Chocolate. I keep telling the chef that her macaroons are not only good, they are better. The issue is packaging and preparation. But isn’t that the issue with any company? Any production line? Not forgetting branding, marketing, and promoting, the BMPs. One day I will find the investor, or come up with the cash or credit myself, and then watch out world. Raw Delicacies will enter the fast food chains, for the benefit of humanity and the world!

Wouldn’t a “family” be so nice as a back up?

That’s what P90X provides, even my wife, who started last week has now developed the bug, and she feels the “burn” the burning love all around. Due to my long day, Ashtanga acts as stretchX for the day, and Kenpo will be completed tomorrow. With a Yin Yoga weekend, I will be stretching myself all over the place.

I did manage to scarf down a Raw lasagna. Damn this is a good dish. And I don’t even like zucchini, especially not zucchini pasta, when there are so many other vegetables that can be made into raw pasta.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…


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