Day 51 – new direction

What do you think it takes to succeed? What would be one thing that could help any individual go to the next level?
You need a family around you.
Of course you can do it alone. Many people have. But will that help everyone succeed? No!

Today I feel like I have found my “home.” A platform from where I can share my teaching without feeling as if I am a preacher, rather more as a messenger, a provocateur, a Yoga entertainer. And for that entertainment to be appreciated, you need the right space. Stand up comedy works better at a stand up club than at the office. And I use stand up as an example, because laughter is truly the language of the gods, and when you practice Yoga in a hot room, you really have to look at yourself in the mirror and laugh at yourself.

Now the true test of combining all the skills of the last few years together. With a “family” you have proven steps of business success that come with you, yet to reach potential investors for the start up, that is a unique question of its own. One has to have faith in their path, and have faith that it is something that will benefit everyone who invests, both financially and spiritually. Being part of a Hot Yoga business is great business. Being part of Hot Flow Yoga business is even better – today. People understand what happens in a hot room and gravitate toward it. They hear and know about Hot Yoga, and eventually they come in, telling everyone.

So good for you, and best of all, you don;t have to limit anything else. Do Hot yoga every day, and you can eat what ever you want, drink what ever you want, and you will feel and look great! 80 minutes, in a hot room, every day, that is all you need. I have been there, I have done that. 3 months of Hot Yoga and eating what ever I wanted. My vegetarian way of eating – out the window, my drinking – in through the bottle, and it is true, you feel and your body looks great!

Raw food is keeping me well and happy these days though. Teaching and being in the Hot room is a joy, like any other yoga class. The excitement is being part of the business. Of being part of Sumit Hot Flow brand, as a leading instructor, trainer, and soon, multi studio owner. With the new Health care reform, Yoga, Nutritional Education and Massage are all going to find financial benefits which can be used to support and enhance the entire community.

Ashtanga was the Yoga X for the day, gotta love this recovery week.

Hope you enjoy the raw sweet bread banana chocolate spread. So good!!!!


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