Day 50 – recovery

Since I am in recovery mode, it is truly nice both from the stress perspective of trying to complete my PX program, as well as the challenge that comes with doing the program. With Core Synergistic, the new moves, the challenging variations and doing it with my wife, were all a dose of fresh difference to the afternoon.

I am now teaching Hot Yoga more, which helps to make the financial brain relax a little, and allow the neurons of creations to fire more. So between Ashtanga, Hot, and then P90X, I am feeling pretty good. Probably all because of the green drink I made this morning. A big handful of spinach, an orange, half a lemon, some agave nectar, 1/2 coconut water, 1.5 cups of water. Got me through the morning. Made me tell some funny lines in class today.

Yoga is about entertainment. Any one can sit in front of a microphone and give a morning show. it’s the one that makes us entertained that we listen to. Same with Yoga. Everyone will come to Hot Yoga, something about a Hot room that draws people in, and any one can give you the instructions on where to move your arms or your feet. But how do you keep the right pace? the right tone? the right tempo? How do you weave insight into instructions, stories into dialogue?

You listen to others. That’s how. You are not born a great actor, you are made. Through mirroring others, through practicing, through desiring and seeing that there is something larger that is behind this whole joke. In the words of Osho, ‘life is one big joke’ and we tend to take it way too seriously. In a Hot Room you learn how to be serious about practice, and light about life.

Check out the delicious treat I had today. My snack. Gourmet Raw food is truly divine. You get to have the taste of all you desire, yet it is so healthy for you, so there is no guilt and no self sabotaging. I am still trying to figure out what to call it. I was given it as a snack by the Chef. I am truly blessed and I am so honored. Thank you universe, thank you students, thank you friends, thank you my dear family.


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