Day 49 – pancake day

It is Sunday today, and there is something about Sunday Brunch which is ever so captivating, tasteful, saliva creating invitation. I grew up in Israel, where you go to work on Sunday, and it was the months I moved to Wilmington, NC, where I worked at a restaurant that served the most incredibly delicious brunch menu I have yet to taste. I have vague images and taste reflections on my palate, but I can not remember exact recipes or description, beside their memorable Bloody Mary’s. Of course I would recall the drink, but then again, Sunday Brunch is not a Brunch without the Bloody Mary’s, is it now?

I had a wonderful Mysore practice experience with a friend and student, as she was the only one who came to class. It seems college basket ball, with its countless upsets today, kept many practitioners at home. I was busy despite it all, a wonderful massage client and completing flyers for my upcoming workshops around the country.

In 6 weeks we head out on the road, for my first family road trip in the US. My latest road trip adventure, which is over due, as I used to take one every year or so prior to moving to India and Thailand. I guess that is a road trip in itself, isn’t it? This one will see us traveling through the midwest out toward NC. Yippy!

With P90X as a rest day, and a much needed one in that. I am so ready for a recovery week, don’t forget that I forgot my last recovery week, and have been Xing it for 7 weeks straight. I am looking forward to experiencing what the recovery will do to my system.

I will close the beginning with an incredible recipe for Raw Pancakes. If there is a lack, it is in Raw Breakfast recipes, and with this pancake, I am again beyond positive that with the right Chef (and is that not the case with any restaurant), an open restaurant concept will be a massive success.

There is a huge HINT!!!!!! in that last part.


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