Day 48 – clarity

Maybe because it is Saturday, maybe it has something to do with an over all balance, but from the confusion of Friday late afternoon, to this evening proved to be a clarifying experience. Part of it had to do with relaxing into my own choices, and the other part was the enthusiastic response I received for teaching a hot yoga class. Believe me, I care very little if you like my teachings or not, but when students get the yoga aspect of this whole adventure, and appreciate that all I am did was lead them through their Yoga, it is thrilling.

It happened again when I taught an Ashtanga workshop. Students who truly do their best to listen and surrender to the sound of their breath. By the time I got home and cleared the living room so my neighbors could practice KenpoX with us, I was beyond grateful for the students and studios who allowed me to share my work.

Doing KenpoX with 3 more people in a living room, is actually pretty inspiring. How a home video system can really get people to connect, work out, and feel better. I was beat by the end of it, and it showed in how I passed out watching Alice in Wonderland.

The passing out was assisted by my favorite expression of spices, colors and taste, Chorizo. Traditionally diced up pork, with cilantro and onions on the side, where you take corm tortillas and use them to make your own mini tacos. With Raw Chorizo meat, cut up cilantro, red peppers and tomatoes, I feasted on some hot and spicy Raw reminiscent of my early twenties. Life, what a beautiful roller coaster ride.


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