Day 47 – forgetfulness

I have never missed an appointment, I may have been delayed, had to call and re-schedule, but completely forgotten about an appointment? Never.

Never say never, today, lord only knows how, after teaching at 6am, 9:30am, and getting a healing therapy at 1, thinking I was so productive and complete (remember I drove back from Tucson late last night), only to look at my email at 4pm to find out that the appointment for me to show case my work as Thai Therapist left my mental calendar like an express train to a distant city. Can’t change the past, only learn from it, and I am convinced that my oceanic direction is the right one.

I came home after teaching to find a Raw Pancake on a plate, with blueberries, bananas and powdered sugar. You can imagine my ecstatic look at that moment, which brings us to the subject of balance, if you climb up with your emotions, you will also come down, the same is true in finances, studies, and food. Too much of one, will be balanced by an over dose of another. However, this morning, seeing this creation, not believing my eyes, as Raw Breakfast food are severely undercooked, there are very few recipies for breakfast items, leaving the sunday branch inaccessible to most Raw adventureres.

You can see for your self, you would never even imagine this was raw, and yet…it is!

P90X was a stretch, but was completed, which is something I am proud to say. Having gone out to soak my shock at my own actions in sake and beer, along with raw fish, I did not expect myself to go through the whole routine. But I did, and I can write to you about it. With my 16 month ld boy running in the back ground and sushi slices secreting the protien element to help me walk and squat as I pulled myself in wide, reverse and close grip pull ups.

What excuse can you come up with? It’s easy not to do, but what drives you to do?

Find your drive and your find your deepest nature.


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