Day 46 – falling behind?

It can be over whelming at times, I will be honest with you, between what one has to do in life, and what one has set out to accomplish. Isn’t that why they call this a challenge?

Hot yoga practice is the only space that offers the true Yoga Challenge, with their 30 and 60 day consecutive practices. Just the regularity of practice is transformative. 30 days in a hot room will change you from the inside out, you will not believe the shifts that are possible. The secret though is in the regularity, in going every day.

Today, P90X day, was a challenge to complete the entire practice. Life got in the way, today, and I pulled off 30 minutes of Yoga. better than nothing, right? The universe is being grateful to me and I am about to be very busy, very busy indeed, which is a welcoming change. Teaching a Hot Yoga flow program, and I am excited for the opportunity to connect with regular practitioners.

Gotta love Tomatoes for these days on the road, where you can go and get raw items and yet diverse, fresh and oh so tasty. Schools should have these type of food selections, promoting a different student, a more integrated young adult.

A vision, why not?


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