Day 45 – half way mark

I was 175lbs 45 days ago, not that I am saying I was big or anything, considering that my weight since I was 18 was more or less the same at 174lbs. There was a moment when I found myself one day on the scale, 3 months after moving to CA and the scale number read 208lbs, and there was another moment in Thailand after 4 months in India when I was at 165lbs, yet for both of those extremes I reached there through a certain lifestyle.

Today, on the mid mark of my challenge, I found myself looking at the scale and it was 162lbs, giving props to Tony Horton and P90X, as well as the Raw lifestyle.

On this day of St. Patrick’s Day, where so many are out feasting and drinking their minds away, I hope to inspire your change and realization that what ever goal you set in your mind is possible, you simply have to sacrifice a little. Come on with a ready made home workout program, what do you have to loose?

My neighbor did m P90X with me today. He goes to the gym regularly and runs for soccer along with morning ab work, and he was pleasantly surprised at the muscle combination of bicepts and back, as well as the AbRip program. Hopefully he can type on his computer at work today.

As for Raw nutrients today, I think I had the most incredible dessert in the world. A raw sweet bread with raw chocolate spread topped with sliced strawberries. OH MY GOD! that was delicious to the palate. Tantalizing to the eye. On that level I am way super lucky, when you have food that inspires the eye and the stomach it is so much easier to make needed sacrifices.

Email me or engage me so I can help you take that next step, and you too can look and feel as best as you deserv.


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