Day 44 – opportunities

With more energy, we can see the opportunities in front of us clearer. When the mind is full of oxygen because we work out, our blood is rich in nutrients because we eat well, our bones solid with calcium from the greens we include in our diet, incredible things happen. Would seem logical, enrich your body, you enrich your life?

I must give thanks to God and the universe for placing incredible opportunities in my way over the last few weeks, and while now I am faced with a choice to make, it is refreshing to have choices that make the future look bright and hopeful. To support a yoga franchise, which will expand around the world, or to move to a the beach, surf, and build a health business which will incorporate yoga? I will do health business whether I am with the franchise or by myself, the beach has surf, where the desert, well, it’s the desert, what more do I need to say? (no, no waves if you did not catch that).

What to do? what to do?
Relax and breath, move and observe the flow, swim with the river rather than against it.

Yet, in the last 3 years, every time I was about to move to the beach, some sort of business interaction would present itself, which saw me live away from the ocean all this time. When I moved here, to open a Yoga and Thai Massage center, I was making a very conscious choice to live in the desert, and I recall telling my partners that I would give them 3 years, here in the desert. And this 3 years comment stayed with me every year when I chose to trust the flow and jump into the business direction. Granted this time I feel more solid with the people who are in own the franchise, they are truly solid business individuals and deeply honorable and trustful. If we agree on a contract, it’ll be very hard to ignore what God is trying to show me, that I could still become successful through all the years I have been teaching.

Yoga has always been a joy, and continues to be an incredible experience. Teaching is by far one of the most rewarding yogic exploration, connecting with others, playing a small part in bringing them closer to joy, laughter and a sense of the infinite possibilities that lie inside them. Health Coaching and Nutrition Counseling are two extra amazing tools in the bag of individual and corporate transformation and support. Surfing, however, is a passion. While I can ride a board, even on a 10 ft wave (hurricane felix, NC, 1997), I am no pro surfer, so that passion is simply a pure passion. Since the ocean is only a 1.5hr flight away, God might want me to fly.

God also created a synchronicity and found us the most incredible home at the beach, close to the water ways, tucked 10 minutes from 2 distinct beach breaks, has inspired new connection and business direction by contacting schools, hospitals and care centers. At least there is a sign that I am back on the yellow brick road again, and either choice I make is going to be incredibly enjoyable and successful. My job and responsibility is to stand up and take ownership of that responsibility and make a choice.

It was that power of choice that saw me practice PlyoX very late in the evening, and get up early to practice my yoga, while rushing around town today working and talking all day. I really do love what I do, and on days like today, where the benefit of my work is immediately appreciated, I realize how lucky I am, and how humble I become by serving others.

That service also meant that I did not eat very much, wolfing 6 raw falafel balls (so so so yummy), or drink enough water (if urine color is an indication). Yet this is a theme, and the more I become conscious of it, the better I will become. I simply need to buy a water bottle, though past water bottles would have a funny way of growing legs and walking somewhere else.

I’ll give it to Brendan Brazier, his recovery lemon-lime drink is superb. I can feel it flowing through my body. He also makes a solid point, after your workout, drink your recovery drink, don’t chew 6 balls, like I did (and then had the recovery drink, consider that I had to make the drink, and the falafel goodies were sitting right there on the counter, how could I refuse?). It will help your body absorb the nutrients faster, give your muscle the building blocks it needs to rebuild the tissue, help the skin maintain its vigor and youth, and over all make you happy.

Page 127 in Thrive book.

Seek it out, you will be amazed at what you can do to keep yourself looking and feeling the best you can!


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