Day 43 – spring time

The days stay bright for longer periods of time now, and the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Soon I will be able to comfortable walk to the hot pool in my complex in the evenings (right now it is way to cold to walk back wet, so I have not enjoyed the magic of a jacuzzi on my tired muscles. Thank god for yoga). If you live any where North, I am sorry you have to read this, but, for all of you who are south of me and hardly experienced any cold temperatures, I salute you. There is a balance for all things.

Especially when it comes to eating. Having been blown away by my Raw Taco yesterday, I convinced the chef that she needed to consider creating the true ingredients, i.e. a taco shell, corn and flour  tortillas, chopped cilantro, beans and rice. We’ll see what she comes up with. At some point I thought I was all inspirational and such, by coming up with a new idea for her Raw Cook book – “cultural cuisine” with Raw mediterranean, mexican, thai, italian and japanese recipes. She told me that someone had already written one.

Not that she can not create her own take on it, right?

My wife did indeed practice with our neighbor today. That was inspiring. I had to give up my AbRipX time (though I had to go teach any way), as I realized late in the afternoon that if I did not complete my X session that minute, I would be pulling another late night workout and I did not wish for that. I will still complete the AbRip before I go to bed, that way I get the full routine for the day.

I was weak today. Maybe because it is week 3, maybe because I practiced 2 yoga sessions already today, or maybe it was not eating anything before starting the workout, but one arm push up were out of the question, not that I did not give it all I had. In the end, all you have to do is Bring It. How far that is? only you know, so forget the rest, forget the guys and girls on the screen and just do your best.

What are you waiting for?

Maybe this desert will inspire you to take action – whether to eat raw for a day, or do a P90X session tomorrow? What will it be?
Figure it out, and write it down.


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  1. B
    Mar 17, 2010 @ 14:22:45

    1 cup of raw oats
    1/2 cup of fig paste
    1/3 cup dates
    1/4 tsp cinnamon
    1 tsp vanilla ext
    pinch of sea salt
    1/2 pear
    a few blueberry

    Process raw oats, dates, vanilla and sea salt together. press it into a desired shape, top fig jam on top. decorate with pear and blueberry


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