Day 40 – Jesus syndrome

40 days and 40 nights he spent out in the desert, all by himself, fasting, meditating, chanting, praying, until he discovered what he was suppose to be doing.

40 days all alone. For some (mostly men) this sounds like heaven. For others (mostly women) this seems ridiculous and boring. Regardless to which side of the fence you choose, it’s an interesting land mark. 40 days. Try anything for 40 days, I promise you that you will be a changed man or woman. You will discover something unique, incredible, and transforming to your life and the lives of those around you.

I feel tremendously energetic these days. I have strength and mental clarity that I share with my clients and students, I feel light in my body, and soft in my voice. I can shrug off negative thoughts easier, and notice a sense of optimism that while I always have it, sings more brightly these last few weeks. I must attribute this to Raw Eating and P90X, and while you don’t need to go for it 100%, changing your eating habits, choosing a daily regimen that will challenge you physically, will take you to where you want to go and beyond.

Since this week was a little crazy, and I doubled up my X program yesterday, I chose to switch it around a little today, doing KenpoX today and will complete the Legs and Back tomorrow (since I did Back yesterday), along with the AbRip style. Gotta love the Kenpo workout, and in two weeks when I take my week recovery, and this program appears twice, it’ll be interesting to see if the Karate Kid in me will find its calling.

On the Raw side, I had a strawberry-collard smoothie at the end of my Yoga and Kenpo workout (yeah these days I am completing about 2.5 hrs of physical workout every day), and then a really neat energetic healing work which I will do once a week for the next month, I can’t really explain it since it was physical, in the way that Feldenkris is both physical and energetic, though the energetic base of the healer is Chinese medicine. I feel good, though I know my energetic body can open so I am looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next 4 weeks.

Dinner was enjoyed at the Whole Foods salad bar, since it is so easy and accessible for the Raw eater, and also because the chef is busy.

I still have 50 more days to hone in my gourmet skills, though I am a good cook, I lean more toward the easy and accessible type of classes and presentation, rather than coming up with tantalizing and breath taking creations. I save that for the yoga mat.

May your day be tantalizing and breath taking in all you eat and do.


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