Day 39 – raw love

Love should be Raw. Any other kind is depriving. When you are deprived, you crave. We don’t realize we are deprived, but we know we feel a sense of emptiness, a void, a disconnect. No one wants to feel that, and in our society today, no one wants to hear that either, thus without an ear, feeling confused about why we experiencing this sense of deprivation, we turn to the closest expression of love we find. We feed ourselves with our favorite things. After all, when you eat that food you LOVE the most, you feel…LOVED. Call it comfort food, call it favorite foods, call it heart nourishment food, call it what you wish, but the truth is, food is often substituted for a more primary need, such as, tenderness from your friends, family or partners, joyfulness at your professional direction, elatedness from moving your body outdoors, and inspired by your expression of divine. Those foods will sustain you through any consequence, yet many of us do not realize how malnourished we are in those nutrients.

As you develop an awareness to the secondary nutrients that you intake, your vitamin A, B, D, E, Zinc, Carb, Protein and such, you develop a sense on how to increase the primary nutrients you must have, such as Vitamin L, Laughter, relationships.

When you eat Raw foods, such as an apple, an orange, along with any other fruit, or a bell pepper, lettuce, tomato, in any salad choice you make, notice what you experience while chewing, a few minutes after digestion, and an hour later. You’ll surprise yourself as to how quickly you resonate more with your primary needs than with the chaos of your outer world.

A similar thing might happen when you do YogaX, why? because it connects you to your true roots, allowing you to feel the joy and love that is filled within you. While I did AshtangaX (I just had to add it) this morning, Tony’s YX is true to yogic form (compared to so many other types of flows and dance like classes being taught throughout the country lately), breath connected, physically intense and super meditative. It is especially true when you do Back and Bicepts right before Yoga. Let’s not forget the AbRipper and this morning was a full on physical exploration. Sometimes I find myself super grateful for the life I lead.

A life I want you to have, so Bring It!

I survived today on a raw taffy bar a client made for me. It so happened that I had not realized that the cap for our VitaMix was inside the blender, and when I made my green recovery drink with 2 collard green leaves, a handful of blueberries, 1/2 a pink lady apple, blended with Zico coconut water, the loud crunchy sounds that shouted from the powerful blades were the added ingredient of a tiny plastic lid. Needless to say I did not drink my juice, nor do you get a picture of it today. You got a recipe at least.

When I arrived at home, my wife had made a super delicious salad, with cabbage and broccoli, legumes, seeds, a red pepper and other ingredients. So at least I was able to get good secondary nutrients, while filling myself on primary foods, working with fun clients, feeling the joy of my wife and son, and connecting with the spirit that is us through moving my limbs. Not too bad for a raw day.


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