Day 38 – late X

It’s 11:37pm, very late in the evening. An unexpected opportunity arose, which saw me teach and then meet with hot studio franchise owner, Sumit, about possibly joining his team. I spoke with him for a few hours, seeing what he has put together and what I might be able to contribute. It was inspiring, I must say. I will keep you updated as to what will happen, but I will start teaching his Hot Flow program in his studios next week. Exciting times.

None the less, between waking up today at 5:30am to teach at 6am, yoga practice, followed by much needed work for my health counseling business, meeting with clients, teaching 2 more yoga classes, and going to that late night meeting, all I ate today was miso soup, a piece of a raw wrap and some dates with pecan. I should feel more hungry and tired than I am feeling right now. The ability for my body to have this much energy is a tribute to the power of regular exercise and proper nutrition.

The only complication right now is that I have yet to do my P90X.

What a dilemma. And a workout should not be a dilemma, right?
I will have to call this my day off, and basically do Back and Bicepts tomorrow, along with my Yoga routine.

This Sunday I am all prepared for some cardioX and I may even complete the StretchX. Though we will have to wait and see what happens into the future.

Good thing I had such a busy day though, the chef’s son is sick, which means that you are left searching through past recipes to find the one you have not yet created, make it, come back and share the results with me.

Till tomorrow, keep your joy high!


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