Day 37 – lost

I just got home from a fun but long day with Thai Clients, yoga classes and an anatomy of Yoga postures class, only to realize that somewhere along the way I lost my phone. As it is late, and I have a yoga class at 6am in the studio I may have left it at, I will keep my hopes that the phone is there, and I will pick it up in the AM. For us, for this evening, the picture for the salad recipe will be posted tomorrow (if the phone is retrieved).

I am sure you will understand as I leave this entry short, especially since at 10pm I am about to start jumping in PlyoX land. Ashtanga practice in the morning, P90X to close it off, to wake up tomorrow and get to do more fun things all over again.

How is your eating style? What’s your work out look like today? Leave us a comment, tell us how life in your body is, or what you hope to experience while in this form, I am sure we can help!!!


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