Day 36 – tootsie roll

I held out for 36 days, and for some reason, probably the long drive, teaching a Thai Massage Training all weekend and heading down to Tucson right after it finished, waking up early, had something to do with it. However, when I arrived at the yoga studio, there was a small plate full of wrapped chocolate delights. Processed as they are, they fall short of the Raw tree, but I could not help myself and ate 4 in a row. Any one knows what the consequences of guilt are like? Do you realize how many of us are so hard on ourselves, we fill ourselves with guilt and repression, especially when it comes to food. And Sex. And Money. A few weeks ago I wrote on how food, sex and money are three of the most secretive subjects, and yet they are the three most prominent issues we think about every day. What will I eat? Can I pay for it? Who will I eat it with?

When you open honestly about one of the three, any issues that you have wrapped around any of the other two will unravel. For that check out my health counseling tab.

Yesterday I may have bailed out on my extra P90X, but today, despite the long hours, of both teaching and driving, after another explosive episode of 24, and a superb Raw Feast (that made up for my tootsie slide), Chest and Back kicked my arms. Push ups, one arm push ups, tricept work, and ApRipper, all added to one super evening session. If only I had a recovery drink.

Dinner was one incredible salad, and my favorite, gnocchi, all orange and yummy. I tell you, these Raw gnocchi’s are going to be a best seller, if only this chef could connect with the right entrepreneur or restaurant owner, this dish alone will make the towns top review. The chef did share with me the recipe for the dessert she left. A banana cream pie, though I think I prefer the chocolate variation from a few weeks past. I’m posting pictures of the entire meal.



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