Day 34 – RA

Not that I am trying to play up chain restaurants, nor encourage the proliferation of sushi eateries, but having met our neighbors, and finding common interests and places we have lived at, to find out that one partner was trying to excite the other about the delicacies of raw food, we had to step into the picture. Granted most people think of raw food as “raw fish,” and thus have some sort of connotation based on the image or stereotype we have (and even if you love sushi, you still have a stereotype of sushi, especially if you consider what “sushi” truly means in the country of its origin). As it stands, we went out with our neighbors for a super lovely happy hour meal. Gotta love ‘happy hour’ on a Saturday.

Did I ever suggest that I was vegan? Fish is a huge love and joy, and thus sushi is something that as long as human production is as it is, I will be eating it. Put me on top of a mountain and I will be a vegan, a raw vegan even, but when you can sit and have (I wish I could insert ‘fresh’ right here, but having been caught somewhere, and frozen along the route of delivery, to be un-thawed and served puts the word to shame) raw fish served to you, that can be a heaven delight for the palate.

I used to live with a guy from Alaska who told me how they would catch salmon and tuna and eat truly fresh sushi. I have even thought of doing such work when I was younger, just to taste such freshness. I used to have the thought, now I am stoked that within the Raw creations, I can go eat some sushi. Alas, I could not withstand not eating some rice, especially this one spicy tune appetizer, which is served on fried rice squares. Hey, with 90% of my food today being Raw, I am still well within my boundaries of the challenge. Not that I would abuse it in this fashion regularly.

I am proud to say I woke up, did my KenpoX, and then made a green smoothie, which consisted of Red Chard (2 leaves torn into pieces), a peeled orange, half a lemon squeezed, 3 dates, and some agave nectar. While I can not give you the nutritional value, but the taste value was superb. I was glad I did not include the apple.

Another Saturday has greeted us with its shine, and a new week is about to begin again with P90X. I’ll probably be practicing CardioX and AbRipperX as I did not completed it yesterday. Hopefully that’s not an over kill to the system. Will let you know tomorrow.

Have fun, and remember to drink your green juice and a large glass of water.


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