Day 32 – Friends

My good friend Josh stopped at our home today on his way to Austin Texas. We met in Thailand at our teacher, Pichest. There is something about connecting with similar spirits that enthralls our soul. I am positive that even if Jesus or Buddha were to “rise” again there will be those who will not agree with them. Thus there is ample merit of the fact that some people we are going to connect with better than others.

That is true both for people, and for food, though tonight’s meal with the new gnocchi recipe, with its green pesto dressing, accompanied by a pear salad, with flat bread and nan bread courtesy of our other friend Andee, who is another local Raw Food Chef, was completed with an incredible strawberry cheescake. And yeah, everything was Raw.

Josh and I were discussing the idea of putting together a week retreat of Yoga, Thai Massage, Meditation and Raw Food. The idea has now been seeded and I look forward to sharing with you the first “birth” day.

P90X today was challenging, not the actual work out, since it was YogaX, but accomplishing it with the intensity that it required. I could only squeeze in about 45 min of yoga (when you know the Ashtanga series well, you can just breath 3 breaths per pose and cut the time on accomplishing it), which means I will be adding the stretchX session this Sunday. May have to look into completing the P90X as it is in the series. Maybe. We’ll see.

I’ll have to ask the chef to write the recipe as a comment, as I know she created a new recipe and may wish to hold off on sharing the recipe itself in her upcoming E-book.

Maybe if you encourage her (she reads this blog) she will do it for all items mentioned above.


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