Day 31 – why raw?

Let me count you the reasons:
– Raw green vegetables tend to have 9-10 percent protein – broccoli and spinach have more than 40 percent protein, though the best green sources of protein on the planet are spirulina and chlorella algaes, with 58-60 percent protein.
– You will feel a recharge in your energy.
– Skin improves with new production of cells from fresh nutrients.
– Weight loss
– A reduced risk of heart attack

These and more can be found in countless blogs and personal responses of others. The popularity of Raw Diet has seen many best sellers on the market, and with due right, as books on Atkins Diet, or Blood Type Diet are best sellers, the epidemic of Diet books is nothing new but a different blog is needed for that, though many of them are experiences of people who started from an unhealthy position, maybe overweight, maybe diabetes, maybe depression. Such stories inspire us to take up these changes for ourselves.

But what if you are like me? You look healthy, feel healthy, eat when you like, get up when you like?

Has my skin been better? not yet, I still fight with ingrown hairs and adult break outs.
Do I have more energy? Some days more than others, and since I run my own business, some days have more stress than others, which help to account for the energy.
Have I lost any weight? oddly enough, my weight fluctuates right now. I dropped to 168, came back to 173, I am back down to 170. Maybe it is a guy thing, maybe it is a P90X thing, or maybe it is lack of regimentation? What ever it is, I am feeling brighter, lighter in my skin. We start a new cycle of 30 days today, and with a renewed enthusiasm to the green smoothie, there is much to verify on Raw Road.

P90X was a ride of its own with bicepts and back. Boy am I glad I bought some weights. Some of these new workouts do make you feel like you need to own a full set though. I can see the value in being able to easily shift from one weight size to another. Especially in the last routine we did, which was a drop down weight pattern. Bicept curls, starting with a high weight and reducing it every 30 seconds. We did 5 reps. With only 3 weight selections, I finished with 5lbs on the last 2 reps, sounds small, but it was still challenging especially when you are keeping up with the seconds.

Thank god for recovery food. The chef was in a hurry thus I am sorry there is no recipe, only a picture, which was taken after I started eating, still hoping for a recipe because the flavor, the taste was so delicious, I wanted you all to have it. 60 more days, I am sure the dressing and the combination will happen again. After all, it’s not like I need to try and give you 90 NEW raw dishes (though that would be nice, wouldn’t it?)

I’ll be sure to post a reciprocal link when it happens.

Till then, think about going green, and digest this while you are at it, we need to chew our greens until they are a smooth cream in our mouth in order to extract all the nutrients from these densely rich source of life. Not only will that help your teeth and gums, it will reduce cravings and promote weight loss. However, if the thought of chewing for ever is beyond you, smoothie the renegades for the same crunching effect. The point is that while green leafy foods are the richest in supporting cells for our system, they need to be “broken” into, through effective smashing.


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