Day 30 – free your mind

Some days have an odd shape to them. Especially when we don’t relax into the experience. Hind sight is good for a blog, but give yourself the freedom to let go of the day. Good or bad, right or wrong, your choices can easily be classified in one or the other. And we do spend a great deal of time sorting all our daily files. Empty your mind. Yes that is Yoga talk. Yes that is some new age integration talk. And yes, it is the P90X talk, everyone!!!!

PlyoX day, jumping hoping, reaching to the sky. All I can say is that I made it. Day 30, and i believe I am a fit guy, but I just barely keep up with the grads on the screen. At least I don’t feel nearly as sore as one would think from yesterday’s work out. Session sounds so much nicer does it not? Session it was. The body is adapting, and it is fun to watch the exchanges. Mindfulness can be brought to any activity. Breath and accept what ever is happening. Isn’t that so easy?

Might not be as easy as this gorgeous Love Burger. When you make food, or when someone you know makes food for you, transmit a sense of love and joy through your fingers. Simply love yourself. Love what you are doing, simply remind yourself of the word ‘love’ every moment or so. It’s that simply. The most simple things are usually the hardest things to do. But I proimse you this burger is very accessible.

I hope I can keep my promise, Enjoy!!!

Love Burger

1/2 red pepper, tomato, carrot
1/4 onion
1/3 cup of red cabbage
4 de-stem kales
5 basil leave
1/3 cup of walnut
1/4 sea salt and black pepper
Place all above ingredients into a food processor and process till smooth.
Form into a pattie and dehydrate for 2 hours.
Place on top of raw bread or portabello mushroom with some romaine lettuce, tomato and pickles and serve!

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