Day 29 – imperfection

While it was a new phase today, I could not believe my lack of awareness at looking more closely at the workout sheets. It’s not only that every month the phases change, but every 3 weeks there is a recovery week. I’ll say this much, I was tired all last week, and if that is not proof to the intelligence of Tony’s workout routine, I don’t know what is. The 4th week you will be toast, and you should take that recovery week. We can only see how I feel for the next 3 intense weeks before my recovery week comes around again. I’ll be sure to update you on stamina and physical ability to stay with the program.

Traveling is also challenging on nutrition and workout activity. Even though I stayed with the routine, having to go out to eat, buffet style salad bars only invite more eating, granted when do you over eat vegetables? Less about over eating calories, and more about allowing oneself to feel when the body has had enough. It was great to hang out with friends though, be away from modern technology as I have no cell reception. Raw meals included lots of nuts and dried fruits.

P90X was not completed on till late in the evening, but the new chest, shoulders and arms routine is fun. I bought weights (hooray!!!), though the one arm push up proved to be way too much on my left bicept. I know I have a left side weakness imbalance, hopefully the next 3 weeks allow progress to occur.

I’m leaving you with a sweet flavor on your lips. This is ‘chocolate macaroons’, the best out there, and I have tasted many by this point due to my wife’s love of chocolate and coconut. I keep telling the chef that if we only looked around for the right investor, we could have a line of Raw Sweets in Circle K. Main stream America is more than ready for some other options at the fast food locations (fast food being food you can grab fast, tear into and satisfy the voice inside).

Sorry every one, this recipe is ‘secret.’ I encourage you to create your own though, and send us pictures or tastings.


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