Day 28 – style

It was rough, but in the spirit of challenge, I completed CardioX while out on the road.

My combination of vegetables at Green Tomatoes for lunch, followed by a plate of cut asparagus, carrots, cucumber, and hummus. A picture was taken but alas, on the road it has proved interesting to both load and share all that I had wanted.

Easy, easy as 1, 2, 3. Some days you can enjoy your trail mix, your veggies and your water.

For most of you, this was a day off, and if you needed to make it more, you might have chosen StretchX or CradioX. You need not go crazy and all Raw, go 90 – 10. Eat 90% raw or vegam, and 10% what ever you like. So go have a cone. Enjoy it!


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