Day 26 – dead tired

Ok, now it’s a pattern. One has to catch patterns in order to truly improve. By Friday’s P90X day, I am toast. I have added breakfast smoothie, lunch and dinner meals, so maybe it is the late night snacking, raw as it might be. But that takes affect only toward the end of the week? I doubt it.
I have 90 days, day 26, I have cravings, so maybe it’s the Raw Diet itself. Maybe. Kind of like that guy from “super size me,” took him a while to see significant changes and since I am not being blood tested, and such, it very well might be that I am cleansing from the inside, and my body catches up to the work load from the outside. Maybe.

Did not change that I was dead through P90X. I love that it is a home program, because I was dogging it. I could barely move, my squats felt like I was a sky scraper stuck between the earth and the heaven. Do you best, forget the rest is the mantra, and today I used it to the max. AbRipperX was out of the question though. I’ll add that one on Sunday to CardioX, I’ll add another X day this week to make up for my weakness today. (I wonder if that is a good idea, right before entering Phase 2. I’ll go with my gut feeling….it’ll be KILLER!).

It was a busy day, and I am finding that I am favoring my Almond Shake (which was the recipe yesterday) in the mornings right now. Yummy. Had a fabulous salad for lunch, and a Raw wrap for dinner, with a side of fettucini raw pasta. That I had to share with you. So many raw pasta dishes out there are made with Zucchini, and I have nothing against Zucchini bread, in fat it is my favorite. But that’s where the love affair between Miss Zucchini and I ends. Nothing against the pasta out there, but this, this is a much better way. It’s even better than that beet pasta, and that is an incredible way to have spaghetti. The yam, however, was truly made for the Raw pasta creations, from gnocchi, to fettucini, from shells (to have the artistic ability to carve shell pasta from yams) to spirals, color and tatse will mesmerize any one you serve this to.


1 Sweet Potato
4 Tbsp olive oil
Generous amt of sea salt

For the Basil Pesto

½ Cup Walnut soaked & dried
2 Cups Basil washed
4 Garlic cloves grated
1/3 Cup olive oil
Dash of lime juice
Pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt or to taste

Step 1. Blend all of your Basil Pesto ingredients until smooth or slightly grainy.

Step 2. Using a peeler, peel away your sweet potato. Then with a knife, cut 2 inches thick strips of fettuccine.
In a medium size bowl, add your fettuccine, 4 tbsp olive oil and sea salt and mix well.
Step 3. mixed well with basil pesto

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