Day 25 – smooth sailing

Gotta love the YogaX days, well, if you are a Yogi or Yogini, as your Yoga has already been explored. I wonder if that is a cop out though? Honestly, not with Ashtanga, or Bikram if I think about it. I would have went to Bikram had I not been teaching, I think. However, the moon is growing fat, the days are growing longer, and the month of February is drawing to a close, and the sails are still raised, and I find myself praising Raw food more and more, looking forward to teaching others simple ways of incorporating the benefits of Raw foods into your life.

Simple things, like choosing Kale for your base as a salad, or changing your thick salad dressings to olive oil and vinegar, even if it is the raspberry vinaigrette, or consuming less dairy, you can substitute coconut milk for most dairy needs. Check out today’ recipe for an Almond Heaven Smoothie, this almond milk shake provides you with the morning protein your body needs, the soothing effects of the banana will ensure you walk into work with a smile, and the calming ingredients of the vanilla extract will further protect you from any infraction to your Joy.

Remember, you arrived here through joy, you are sustained in this life through joy and eventually you become Joy once again.

So, shake it up and enJoy!

Almond Heaven Smoothie

2 heap Tbsp raw almond butter

2 cup of water

1 banana

3 tbsp agave or more as you like

1/2 vanilla bean/pod

pinch of sea salt

Blend till smooth and creamy!


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