Day 23 – roots

When was the last time your nutritionist talked to you about roots? Those vegetables that are growing inside the earth, the organs that contain the seeds of life. The burdock root, a long, string like root, with its snake like quality it’s phallic symbol might escape us. However, take the radish, a small, pink hue dot of a pod, shielded with a large array of green leaves. It is surprising that not more men seek out the pink radish, they might find more success in discovering its sensual expression in their partner. Yes it is true, as their sexual intonation suggests, root vegetables are incredible for your libido, your sexual thrive. The radish, along with the Daikon radish, a thick, baby arm length radish, can be used to burn of fat from unwanted areas. With practically zero calories, they work to burn off fat cells from our system. Last on the value of your roots, is the transition between the burdock, the Daicon radish, and the ginseng root, with the latter being the most packed with vigor.

And since you are adding more roots, plyometrics will get your joints all lubricated. That’s what P90X was today, the hop, jump and turn work out. Somehow this is the one work out that seems to get harder with every week. I can’t explain it, and maybe I need to look at the nutrients I am getting the night before or before the workout, but it is challenging to get those knees up in the very first jump squat routine. It’s only 30 seconds, but it is an hour that extracts my full concentration. Wow!!

While I am enclosing a picture today, the taste did not match the colors, and thus the chef refused to divulge the recipe. Not like you don’t have enough to work off of till now.


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