Day 21 – truth

I was listening to Dr. Walter Willett, who is theChair of the Nutrition Department in Harvard University, who shared findings from on going research that began in 1976, where diet behaviors have been tracked and juxtaposed against Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). The most shocking findings, a fact which most people know in the back of their heads, a fact that has changed the business practices of the entire city of New York, a fact about the oils the food industry uses. The disturbing consequences of Trans Fat Oils, which have been scientifically linked to CHD, yet hospitals, schools, corporations and cafeterias, among others, who buy their food in bulk, receive and provide food that has Trans Fat Oils, which helps maintain shelf life.

With just oil and vinegar every day on your salad you can help your body lower the risk of CHD. With all the fabulous improvements society has achieved, providing our children and patients with food that can adversely affect them is surprising.

Waiting for companies or government to take their responsibility can take ages, but taking our own personal responsibility is within immediate reach. Simply by knowing the truth, that we should have more Omega-3 oils, which are abundant in Flax Seed Oil, or eating more olive oil, green veggies, fruits and whole grains, can give us the edge where ever we are. Add a workout, and you are in the top 10% to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

My evening salad was packed with Flax Seed Oil, greens, fruits, sesame seeds and other nuts. Granted I am Rawing my way toward inspiration, but you can enjoy this incredible variations within 30 minutes, as a snack, or an accompanying dish to your lunch or dinner (or AS lunch or dinner).

P90X enjoys a rest day, and since Ashtanga does not, I allow myself the enjoyment of Yoga, without needing to follow StretchX. Who knows, next week is the last week in Phase 1 and maybe I will add it then. You’ll have to come back to find out.


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