Day 20 – hosting

There is something special about inviting people over to interact and to eat. And this evening we created a meal for friends of ours, who came to both indulge and to trade some body work.

It is not easy to find good body work, and you should be as picky about who will work on you as you are about who will cook for you. Most of us tend to be unaware on both domains. The restaurant foods we eat might be tasty to our palate, yet most of it is destructive to our system, and most massage therapists simply oils the skin and create a temporary sense of relaxation, which is as nice as ice cream, but not therapeutic to the problems of living in gravitational Earth.

We all have places that are out, and we all live with some sort of strain and most of us in actual pain. Yet, we live with it every day, so we tolerate it. Kind of like tolerating how our bodies feel, simply because we have never digested the right foods long enough to experience what it would be like to have a truly clean and well operated internal digestion. As no two people are the same, there is no single body work modality, nor nutritional modality that will be the same. Yet most nutritionists and most therapists will try and put you through a regular routine that works for many others.

So, my friend came, and it was nice to guide his hands to where they needed to go, as no one knows your body better than you, so if you want that great treatment, tell the therapist that you will guide them to where you feel it the most, and it will be their job to undo the pain you are feeling under their fingers. Same as it is your job to tell the nutritionist what is or what is not working with the dietary plan they stuck you with.

We had created many items for the meal celebration, from Raw Falafel balls, Kale salad, Israeli salad, hummus, and Zucchini Hemp Seed flat bread. You won’t see those recipes today, but I created a Carmel Fruit delight, which I named ‘Nature Carmel Tops’, which came out super delicious. With some chocolate macaroons and butter cookies, the desert part of the dinner probably would have won the taste awards.

The day started with KenpoX, truly a joy at the end of the week to punch, swing and kick. Something special about that program on a Saturday morning. It was followed by me teaching the primary series of Ashtanga, with the first 1/4 of second series to top it off (all the way to Exa Pada Sirsasna). I thought I would teach by example, much like how my teacher Tim Miller does it on Tuesdays, but they could not handle the silent way of practice, and within the first DownWard Facing Dog a student said: “Can we have some words?” Meaning they needed to listen to something outside their own breath. Which is fine with me, I like teaching and talking, though there is something unique about practicing led the way Tim does it. By just calling out the name of the pose, and then ‘five’ when the firth breath has reached. A teacher serves the students though, and I walked around, inspired and adjusted, having to demonstrate a few postures here and there.

Are you practicing yet? P90X or Ashtanga? Maybe you go to Bikram every day? I tell you Bikram for 90 days will shape you as much as P90X does. Might not ‘sculpt’ you as Tony does, but it is sure to get you in shape. All the other practices? Not designed for that. The only other program I know that will transform you physically, mentally and emotionally (beside the 3 mentioned already) is Baron Baptiste “Power Vinyasa” practice, though I don’t know how well his student teacher can carry the program for 90 days. If you have done it, would love the feedback. And if you are an ‘anusara,’ ‘Iyengar,’ ‘Kundalini’ or any other system, I am all about you sharing your 90 days picture and story. As far as I know, only P90X, Ashtanga, and Bikram will take you from over weight, unfit, eating bad foods, feeling tired and unmotivated, to looking trim and fit, exploding with internal joy and energy, and by the end of the 90 days, you are eating well, without even trying to change your nutrition, it will change through the physical intensity. That’s my experience practicing all of the above. If you want transfromations, pick one of the 3, if you are new to yoga, start with P90X. If there is no certified Ashtanga teacher that can inspire you to practice Mysore, go to Bikram.

Or just change your diet and go Raw for 90 days, the food will motivate you to move your body, as much as challenging the physical changes the digestible.

This is a simple desert to make, keep it in the fridge and munch on it for snack all day long.

Nature’s Carmel Tops

1/3 cup dates, soak 4 hours

2/3 cup almond mylk

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla seeds/powder
tsp Macao
¼ cup crushed walnuts

pinch sea or Himalayan salt

pinch of cinnamon

Make almond mylk by blending 2 tbsp almond butter with 1 cup water until warm. Add 1/2 more cup of water and blend for a few seconds.

Remove seeds from dates and put in blender. Add 1/4 cup almond mylk, coconut oil, vanilla and salt.

Blend until slightly warm and smooth.

Pour into small container and add crushed walnuts, blend with spoon.

Cut 2 apples, 2 bananas into bite size pieces.

Place apple inside container, mix and ladle out onto a plate, repeat with bananas, cover the plate and chill for about an hour or more.

Decorate with blueberries and sprinkle on cacao syrup (chocolate sauce),



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