Day 19 – macaroons

How is your weekend starting? Got any planes for new movements or fun foods?

I do. We are having a few people over tomorrow night for a dinner, which some Raw tortillas are in the dehydrator as I write. Some chocolate macaroons are sitting on a tray as well, which took me over an hour to ladle and place neatly on the sheet. Raw eating is a process in pre-determination and planning, as you can see, sometimes almost 24 hours in advance, and if you wanted to make good Macadamia nut cheese, you have to soak them for 3 days prior to processing. It’s worth every effort, as any artistic venture. There is truly something artistic in living Raw. Though as I write this, I am reminded that any woman or man, son or daughter that cooks their meals at home, concocting new recipes and tastes, lives in an artistic form. They way we look at produce, is how we appreciate the smile of another human being, the new colors of spring, and the joy of listening to the sounds around us.

Do what you love, and you live like an artistic creations, and I know you love to eat, so once a week (ideally more) make sure you create what you love, or offer your deep gratitude to those who make it for you.

The hope of this blog is to offer the view that Art can be explored in multiple fashions, whether in cooking, writing, or working out. They all require dedication, hard work, and commitment. The ingredients of any great work. The difference is that we tend to believe that at the outcome no one will buy our product, or like it, and thus we never start or push through the difficult moments. With P90X and nutrition, the prize is your own life, the best of your own days.

Nothing does that more than Legs and Back of the X program. I am still waiting for some comments for any one who is managing pull ups without a chair. On my end I am pretty toast. We had driven to a vegan restaurant which inspired the sun dried tortillas that is forming itself in the kitchen, and where lunch left me feeling over stuffed and immensely content, though incapacitated to even think of working out. It was 7:30 by the time I started the X routine. Only to show you, at any time, and with a lap-top, any place, you can practice your Art. Life is practice, and if you so chose, you could follow the macaroons like following the yellow bricks on the road to your magician.

Chocolate Macaroons

3 cups of coconut flakes
1.5 cup cacao power
0.5 cup agave nectar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup coconut oil
Pinch of sea salt (to taste)

Combine and blend in a food processor until smooth and consistent. Ladle out using a desired size measuring spoon or other shaper. Dehydrate for 2-6 hours, depending on dryness desired.


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