Day 18 – salty dog

I savor moments where the “other” world of food arrives at the Raw steps of my house. This one being hummus. By far the closest to comfort food that I can think of, considering I grew up with it. At 35 I am trying to imagine the first time I had it, and for my nutritional diet, it was there when my mother ate tahini (the primary ingredient of ‘hummus’) while in labor. It was there in any fast food desire, as the spread for the falafel that would snugly fit in the pita. One extra ingredient would always be my favorite, and that is the ‘pickle.’The salty, and juicy, dark green manifestation of a cucumber. Their combination this evening served as my personal inspiration for dinner.

At least I stacked up for lunch at Whole Foods, enjoying their variation for a jicama salad, with a dressing I will have to write down next time and share. None the less, it was a splendid combination with my kale, spinach, lettuce and white cabbage in a sweet sauce. Edamame (another “other” worldly food that joins us in the Raw Halls), shredded orange carrots, sweet red pepper cubes and dried dark red cranberries put the finishing touches.

When I logged on to my P90X journal I discoverd that today is the fun day, the YogaX day, the day my own practice serves me as my X practice. But why leave it with that, right? I do that on Sundays, so CardioX it was, a super sweaty workout, only 45 minutes long, quick, fun, bursting with energy, especially at the end with flying and popping, superman – banana, and if you’ve done them, you know what I mean, and if you have not, its less about the the new dessert I will be creating this weekend, chocolate covered bananas, and more about working your core. It works for me, I know it can work for you.

Get ready, it’s almost Friday, get pumped, get energized, you can do something positive for yourself today. Like have fun!

No recipes today, so you don’t go work it, you enjoy it.


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