Day 17 – short and sweet

I just can not believe I did not take a picture of this incredible creations I was served for dinner. It brought me back to a small east coast town, in North Carolina. This one restaurant, names for the round red commonly mistaken for a vegetable, who is in fact a fruit, used to serve a home made nut crust banana cream pie. I have been seeking that taste ever since I moved 10 years ago, and tonight I tasted it in a chocolate flavor.

That’s a magical experience to enjoy the sweet flavor of chocolate, and yet it is all raw, nutritious, and guilt free. Try this recipe out and post our picture, I promise you will win new advocates at the office tomorrow.

P90X shoulders and arms is possibly the most accessible program, but then again, I have yet to buy weights, and the band is too cumbersome for me to use, thus it has become the softest program in the week for me, which is much needed. I will be purchasing some weights by the end of the week, as the first module ends next weekend. The idea, however, is that you really don’t need any weight, you will see results, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Just make it, whether it is a 30 minute run, a 90 minute Bikram, or a this scrumptious Banana Carmel Cake, the rest you can share in a comment.

1/2 Cup walnut

20 dates
2 tsp agave
1 banana
1 avocado
3 tbsp of cacao powder
1 tbsp of lucuma and maca powder
water as needed
Cake base
In a food processor, processor walnut to slighty fine but still a little chunky bits. Add about 6 dates and agave and pulse till all ingredient are mixed and form into a dough.
Remove and place in a bowl.
Process 10 dates to paste, then add lucuma and maca. Water as needed. Blend till smooth. Set aside

Chocolate frosting
Process the remaining dates into paste, then add avocado, blend till smooth, add cacao powder and water as needed. You want to achieve a very smooth and creamy texture
Use a shaper, or 4 inch sprigform, press cake base down about 1 inch, top with caramel, slice banana and frost the whole cake with chocolate….
Spinkle some maple sugar over…

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