Day 16 – life

Trying to organize your own life becomes evidently challenging when you look at your nutrition. At least that is what I have found in my journey with eating. In today’s modern world you have so much that is colorful, tasteful, delightful, and so what if it is made with materials that are down right destructive for you. It’s not like we don’t know it’s not good for us, it’s not like any person who has ever smoked regularly does not understand the internal destruction that might one day express itself. It feels good, makes us feel better, make us appreciate this thing we call life better.

I firmly believe the communities, something which is hard to find in these days, true communities, where people are following similar lifestyles, strive for similar world creations, are vital if you want to succeed in changing your life. We live in a time where religious communities, what provided the back bone to social evolution, has faded, and a seemingly global, or at least widely local communities through digital interaction are formed, and as beautiful and motivational as such communities can be, when it comes to nutrition, it’s like money and sex, people don’t talk about it. They think about it, they obsess about it, they fantasize about it, but they hardly talk about it. If you choose to be truly honest about one, the other two will follow, and you would be surprised at what will happen after.

Doing homework till late, my son having fever all night, and possibly pure physical exhaustion, I woke up at 11, frantic to make my 11am appointment, which was quickly rescheduled to 11:15. When I got there, one of my flip flop, which has served me for almost 3 years (wow), gave way. Time for a new shoe, and I had known that for some time now, which was odd, because 4 years ago, in Amsterdam a friend was wearing Vibram’s 5 Toe shoe, and I really liked the shoe, but did not seek to buy it. Then last year, in Evansville, IN, one of the teachers had them and loved them, and I was all set to stop at the sports store before I left town, but I did not. When two weeks ago, I met a friend at Whole Foods, he talked about how he had bought them and had been running in them, which has helped his knee tremendously, I decided I would get them, and it took this break to make a change. Isn’t that how it always is? Life, we wait till something snaps, then we make a change. Don’t let it happen to your body, clothes can be bought and replaced, and though modern medicine would have you believe so is the physical form, be smart, it only takes one recipe a day to give you the nutrients you need, and the rest of the day you can walk in any shoe you like.

It took an hour to get to the store, and even though I called to make sure they had my size, they did not. Don’t know how you confuse a range of 11.5-12.5 with 12.5-13.5. The owner was thinking of her son and his big foot when I was telling her I had a larger size, when in fact they measure according to the European system, and at 43 I am as average as they come, which meant that they had all sold out a week ago. And I was going to go the next day after I met my friend.

Lucky for me, they had them on the internet, so I can wait 2 days. By the time I got home it was 5pm, and I had not moved my body at all yet. P90X came first, with its ploymetric work out. Tony calls this the super X program, and I won’t kid you, you hop, skip, and jump. I wish I could tell you that you’ll feel like a frog, but I’ll be lying. You do feel good, good and thankful at being alive. I highly recommend eating something an hour before, or doing it first thing in the morning. Having been going on nothing but liquid all day, I felt it. Felt it bad, or should I say ‘good’? I feel great now, P90X, yoga and some great greens and raw ice cream in my belly.

My son, I am happy to say has gone to bed without a fever, feeling like a champ. If we only trust the body, it knows what to do. We tend to rush to the doctor and fuel up on drugs, when all we need is a hug and a pat and a good sleep. Do you see any animals in the kingdom rushing to their healer when they are feeling ill? As far as I know they have yet to build any hospitals. And look, they get fever, colds, broken bones, and even dementia (well, maybe I am making that one up), yet they live to their full age.

That’s where nutrition really comes into play. The food we eat give the body the power to heal itself. But we have doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals, so that we can gorge on all we want. Why not be smart about it? Find a balance. Check out the health counseling if you feel like you are out of balance. Nutrition, sex and money. All connected. Fix one, you fix all the others. I am here to share about foods and working it out. Why not join me and see if it truly puts your life on the track you want?

To help you on that track today’s raw recipe is borrowed from Brendan Brazier, and it is a recharge drink, with the lemon and the sweet in it, you could probably also use it as a lemon drink first thing in the morning.

Lemon Date Drink

1/2 lemon, peeled
4 dates, without the seed
1/2 tbsp agave nectar
1/2 tsp coconut oil
2 cups of water

In a blender combine all ingredients and mix till smooth.
Makes 3 cups, can be stored for 3 days.


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