Day 15 – burger style

Still Raw though. For those who have joined today, for the past 15 days I have been following %100 Raw eating, while challenging my body with Tony Horton’s P90X program. With recipes and personal revelations on what it feels like to give up of both time and diet, the idea is to inspire you into a new lifestyle.

That’s what it is about, no? Having the best lifestyle? When I spoke to my mother yesterday, she pointed that eating only Raw would be a detriment to her lifestyle, making any eating habits, and for that matter physical routine, something each of us must discover for ourselves. I believe that if you want that extra edge to your look, if you want to feel on top of your game, if you want to dominate your hobby, you must make sacrifices.

Sacrifices were made today, my son woke up with fever, and thus the morning was spent getting medicine and nursing him till he fell asleep around 10:30am. Yoga and P90X took up the remaining 3 hours of the morning. I don’t know if it was getting up early and worrying about my son, whether it was practicing later in the morning, after Yoga, or whether I need to add new nutrients to my Raw lifestyle, though it could just be that it is a tough program, P90X for the Chest and Back was super challenging. I could manage 10 push up before dropping to my knees to complete another 10, and even those at intense efforts. In comparison, the students on screen are completing 30 or more push ups. I am positive it’ll improve, after all, I am doing push ups every day in practice.

It’s the pull ups I am unsure about. Will I complete just 10 pulls up in every set without my much needed “box”?I find it prudent to point the words of James Cameron, spoken like a true Yogi Master (or maybe a Yoda Master from his looks) ‘Failure is OK, Fear is not!”

Don’t be afraid, go for it, go for your dreams, what ever they may be, and you would be surprised how much closer you get there with changes to your nutrition and exercise.

With that I leave you with a Raw burger, the comfort food of the US, over a portabello mushroom. As a new week starts, get hold of your comforts and cravings, by the end of the week you will feel super empowered, I promise.


1/2 red pepper, tomato, carrot
1/4 onion
1/3 cup of red cabbage
4 de-stem kales
5 basil leave
1/3 cup of walnut
1/4 sea salt and black pepper
Place all above ingredients into a food processor and process till smooth.
Form into a pattie and dehydrate for 2 hours.
Portobello mushroom
1/4 Cup olive oil and balsamic
1/2 italian seasoning
pinch of sea salt
Marinate for 30mins and place in dehydator for 4 hours.
Top of mushroom with some romaine lettuce, tomato and pickles. Place the pattie on top and serve!

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