Day 14 – Love yourself

It was a heart day, a day for an ancient Saint, a day where lovers remind themselves to buy gifts for each other, a day where media and advertisement lures us all into a chocolate frenzy, restaurant dinner crazy. The power of tradition, even a modern one. One such power is the tradition of excellence as manifested through the Olympic games.

I wonder if we admire the games because those athletes will take themselves through a lifestyle that we would never want, or do we admire them for the excellence that they present a life we live? In my humble opinion, Yoga, and for that matter any lifestyle that incorporates nutritional awareness, physical exercise, mental relaxation and a faith in the greater joy it provides through revealing our true source, God, or the magic of being alive, asks of us the same principles that an Olympian athlete must take upon him or her self. After all that is the message in any religious scripture, especially in the holy grail of modern Yoga philosophy, Patanjali’s Sutras.

I found myself awe struck and humbled watching the Chinese tandem figure skating. They were the first to step out and to a rendition of Queen “Who wants to live forever” they demonstrated what love, years of hard work and devotion to their practice and something more was completely evident through their work. As much as those characteristics express themselves in any Art work. David Deida equates Art to Yoga, something I attempt to transmit to students who come to my classes and workshops. We are masters, and we are practicing the artful strokes of our own life. The prize has already been won, the gold medal is awarded to each of us, whenever we choose to step up and be fully connected.

In his book “Thrive” Brendan Brazier outlines his life’s artistic endeavor to understand how to maximize efficiency for training. His work is revolutionary for all, as he makes an important note on the joy and age of our body. If you wish to savor your skin, to clear your mind from conflicting thoughts, to optimize the power of your muscles, look at what you are eating, not eating, and craving. One could reduce negative stress levels by up to %60, thus increasing clarity and drive, which will enhance your lifestyle by %80, by just changing your diet.

Powerful statement, yet so relevant. Sign up for my free Health Consultation Initial conversation and email any time to discover how with little help, and minimal changes to your current lifestyle, you could drastically change your life in the next 6 months.

When you enter a 90 day challenge, of both nutrition and fitness, the connection we all share to top athletes becomes immediately clear, through the changes in mental clarity, physical shape, clear skin, and a sense of vitality. You don’t have to go all Raw out, you don’t even have to change your diet, as I told a massage client today. You do need to add something that will challenge your body though. Nutrition changes occur naturally if you stick to a powerful program, like Bikram Hot Yoga (60 days, according to Bikram and all of your issues will be out of your tissues), or P90X, where from looking at the graduates on the videos does what it claims to do.

Today was P90X rest day, or StretchX, and since it feels like yoga to me, and Ashtanga has no rest on Sunday, I stay with just Yoga when I have a full client day.

I share with you a Valentine Raw Rasberry Chocolate cake that was super delicious. With antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, even a chocolate cake can be healthy for you and not just creating wealth for an aging CEO. You truly have control of your life, though I wish I could tell you it takes a flick of the hand to transform it. That would be a nice trick.

Ani Phyo’s Raspberry Ganesh recipe can be found in her web site


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