day 13 – exploration

Saturday, what a fun day, granted it was full, with my wife leading a nutrition course in the morning, I hung out with my son at the park, observing the eating habits of adults and children. Saturday is birthday day at the park, with balloons, presents, and food. Mostly barbecue food, which the smell brings back childhood memories, though the nutritional awareness that I have these days begs for the question of whether such foods are actually helping our children grow in health.

While I may be on a raw challenge, I am not going to preach that one should not enjoy meat and salads, and a sense of cultural interaction. Such interaction, when balanced throughout the rest of the week with green vegetables, fruits and grains is the foundation behind the integrative nutrition philosophy. Yet, when I see a 3 year old girl, and her mother is giving her a happy meal from McDonald, burger and fries, my heart cries. It is obvious that this is the child’s normal meal throughout the week, at least 4-5 meals out of the 21 (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

As I said, nothing for me to preach about, I simply enjoyed watching my son play in the park. I did not realize I had not eaten much yet, and it’ll be quite some time before I actually had anything to eat. In fact, it was to be after I completed my P90X.

I noticed I was feeling tired before I started the program, with no wonder, it was already 430 in the afternoon, I had munched on a left over salad when I picked up my wife at the end of her successful first installment out of 4 on how to weave Raw Food into your life, while sharing nutritional information. We had gone to Whole Foods, the main store in the city, primarily to drop off my Thai Massage DVDs in hopes that they will be a product on their shelves, with a second intention of getting some food. The product manager did agree to present the product to all store managers, though the food part was left at with the excitement.

KenpoX is truly a fun workout. Challenging and by the end I found myself fighting to stay light on my toes and move my hips, with a burning sensation in my quads from warrior squats. It’ll improve I am sure. For those who care about numbers, this is my 13th day, and when I started I was 176lbs and today I checked and I was at 168lbs. There is a lightness in my body, yet I will start commenting about physical changes when they are significantly different than the same sensations I have encountered and am aware that are easily achieved through fasting, vegan diet, and even on a vegetarian diet that includes fish.

I am a lucky man, believe me I have my faults and my sadness, my concerns and my regrets, yet I am lucky, and my main meal was composed of raw coconut meat, blended and dehydrated creating a tortilla sheet, which provided the shell for finely chopped veggies in a fabulous dressing.

The chef did not like the creation though, so today you have an opportunity to truly create any of the dishes I had given to you through today. Feel free to leave a comment, a recipe, or any feedback on what you wish to see or discover.


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