Day 2 – the busy day

I don’t know what it is about eating healthier (and even fasting is healthy, as the internal organs have a chance to rest and relax, basically doing an inner house cleaning), but the second day always tests you in the outside domain. Maybe if I did this in a retreat spa, or a far away cabin it would not be that way, but I have a feeling that even there the mind would find a way of sneaking in some busy-ness. Yoga scriptures point out to practitioners that their minds will invent many forms of excuses and distractions, as if deliberately trying to sabotage our efforts at discovering our optimal self.

What ever the reason might be, after watching “Food, Inc” before going to bed, I was absolutely relaxed with my choice at going Raw.  With 2 massages sessions and an anatomy class for the Yoga Teacher Training, the day seemed perfectly balanced.

And then came P90X. First thing in the morning, plyometrics, or the “cat landing workout” as I will be calling it was super challenging, at some point I even though I would loose it. And I had already done the workouts a month ago, as I had to test each of the videos and see if it was something I would enjoy, and over a course of a few weeks I tried each of them once, and I know this routine was not this tough. That combo, from chest and back, to hopping, squatting, lunge dropping and many other explorations, did me in. And now that i stop to think about it, it was 4 exercises in each group, 4 groups of 2 sets, for a total of 32 exercises, 30 sec each, 8 minute warm up, 8 minute cool down, that’s not a whole lot. Yet it is that and more. The recipe for the recharging salad I had is on the bottom.

P90X does not replace my yoga practice, so after my ashtanga, a quick shower, I had a wonderful session with a client, that saw us discussing the ability of creating distinctions that enhance the therapeutic aspects of Thai Massage. She suggests I call it something different, which I have thought about already, as I weave concepts and vocabulary from modern massage modalities, combined with a very simple appreciation to therapy I learned from my great friend, Dave. Imagine there were two rubber bands running from each ear down to the shoulder. now imagine that when they are in perfect balance of opposition, the head is balanced correctly and the eyes can see straight. When one of the rubber bands become ‘tight’ and starts to pull the ear toward the shoulder, what is happening to the other side? the opposite side, by contrast is becoming ‘taut.’ Would I need to do the same work on the ‘tight’ side as i am on the ‘taut’ side for balance?

The obvious answer is ‘why?’ on the ‘tight’ side we would need to stretch, release through any means we have at or disposal, while on the ‘taut’ side we would need to activate, to stimulate the dormant muscle fibers so they are not over powered by their “rivalry.”

Therapy then is a combination of assessing the ‘tight’ and the ‘taut,’ stretching the ‘tight’ and igniting the ‘taut.’ Thai Massage intelligently combines stretching and pressure, though it lacks that final touch, the “energetic” activation, also known as PNF. Hence the thought of giving it a different name. We’ll see, maybe I will get my act together and write it out in intelligent format with pictures and all, but notice how on an already busy day I am creating more busy-ness.

I rushed to my next appointment, to come home and rush my wife down to Sur-La-Table to return a juicer (she found a better one it seems), I had just enough time to pack my dinner (I’ll post the recipe for that tomorrow by request from one of the yoga students), and teach for 4 hours. There is so much to be able to convey about anatomy, especially when you factor in both the western and eastern view points. And had I only had a projector, without which, because I would much rather be engaged and listen as opposed to bury my eyes in text in a book, I talk, and animate in an effort to make a dense and intricate subject digestible, understandable, and a jumping board into the deep waters of textual book of anatomy, of watching ‘youtube’ videos and being excited to see what lies under the skin.

As I am closing this my wife made some edamame and deciding that since other Raw eaters eat it, I grabbed a handful and tossed the salted, shelled green beans into my mouth, wishing you a tasty experience, either through your food, or your physical movements (sun salutations for 15 minutes a day WILL change the flavor of your moment).

All seeds salad

1 head or 2 cups chopped romaine lettuce

Handful of broccoli/clover/alfafa sprouts

½  Asian Pear  (cubed)

1 tbsp of pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, hemp.

4 cherry tomato (cut in half)

1/3 cup of saucerkaut

For dressings

¼ cup nama shoyu

½ cup olive oil

3 kaffir leaves

1 lime

2 tbsp agave

¼ cup water or more.

One clove of garlic

½ japaleno/haberno with seeded/ deseeded (depend on how spicy you can take)

one slice of ginger

Step 1: Place all salad ingredients to a large bowl

Step 2: In a high speed blender, put all ingredients for dressings and blend till it smooth. Add more water if desired.

Step 3: Drizzle and enjoy!!! J


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